Why outsource to TSD

Why outsource to TSD?

Proven performance. Customer longevity. Reliability. Reputation.

TSD Manufacturing Inc, provides flexible on-time outsourcing services that assist local companies with their production and assembly needs.

Experienced Management

  • Diversity of manufacturing experience
  • Innovation and a source of ideas for best methods
  • Technical support for new product start-ups
  • Executing to your exact requirements


  • Incoming and in-process requirement and quality checks and inspections
  • Lean manufacturing implementation
  • Green processes that work for your business
  • Process improvement and time study expertise
  • Ability to meet regulatory and compliance requirements


  • Intrastate pick-up and delivery
  • Flexibility to address any and all of your JIT needs
  • Diversity of manufacturing capabilities
  • Large-scale, on-going project capacity
  • Quick project start-ups
  • Daily production reporting
  • Inventory control
  • Demand flow flexibility
  • Rapid project turnaround
  • On-time delivery


  • Broad range of industries served
  • Multi-shift operation capabilities
  • Immediate labor capacity
  • Flexibility to meet volume demands

Let us prove it to you.

Bring your outsourcing needs to our experienced management team, and together we can determine the best solutions to help improve your bottom line.TSD Manufacturing Inc,– a value-added partner to your outsourcing needs.

For more information about Assembly Services, please call us at 630.238.8750 or email us at mail@tsdmanufacturing.com.


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