We are committed to meeting our customer's needs
in the products and services we provide.
TSD specialists have the knowledge and expertise
to deliver high quality, cost-effective
solutions that put you ahead of
the curve and in front of the industry
TSD provides innovative solutions for unique applications involving high speed and difficult to handle products. We build custom machines to handle a variety of Assembly Services.

TSD Assembly services
offers a full service, one-stop sourcing solution
to save you time and money.
We take responsibility for the entire process;
from assembly to quality control to JIT delivery.
We design and build custom-made fixtures
and assembly equipment for
your assembly projects at the TSD facility.

TSD Manufacturing
custom designed automation systems insure effective handling and assembly of parts, in order to meet each customer’s exacting requirements.

TSD Manufacturing maintains a high standard of engineering and manufacturing excellence
which is reflected in each project.


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